I don't mean to hate triplet's number 13


Have you ever to watch the TV serial "Friday the 13th?"
What do you know about number 13 ?
A lof of people believe that number 13 is the shit number. Eventhough when PKB collect the number in KPU and they got number 13, Yenni binti Abdurahman Wahid did not believe on the mischance of number 13.
According to her, it is the trust from west.
In my humble opinion, the number of 13 is not the shit number, the particle 1 in the 13 is good. Who doesn't want to be number one ? But the number triplet's 3 in the behind maybe can bring the misfortune / unlucky.
For example:
- the 3rd person
- 3 love (love between 3 person involved)
- or the trust from some people to not take photograph/picture within 3 person together.

But it doesn't mean that all the number triplet's 3 I hate. 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D and MP3 are four of some which have particle 3 that I like.
Go far far away number triplet's 3 ! I don't know you, don't recognize you & never meet you.
Don't deploy the abhorrence and the mischance to me!

I don't trust on number triplet's 3. I Don't Like, Love but I Don't Hate Too triplet's 3 ... Or in the different language "Ngewa heunteu resep heunteu .. asa ka bujur munding"

If someday we meet something that you think it is shit, please have the positive thinking that is can be the opportunity to do the kind thing or the opportunity to get were knowledge.
It's like Gede Prama said : "Please Learn From thing you think Ugly or shit In The World"

Call 911 if you think Number 3 so dangerous ... if you trust a gossip and rumor without cross check
Caution ... Caution ... (Waspadalah ... Waspadalah !)

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JoVie said...

I like that "film Friday the 13th", I was Watch it when I was very small, and stillno TV in My home..and only one station "TVRI"..But i like very much, I know Jack.Ryan, and so on..

But I never believe that number 13 is Bad, and unlucky number..

Nobody bad luck in the world beacuse of that number..

Only God Know Everything, Just beleive to God nor believe to number 13th

Tahayyul, beibehh..

Indah said...

Capeee deeee........
dah 5 watt gini....koment apa ya..gk konsen nih otak ama mata..

angka 13 gak sial2 amat.......
aku mau punya anak 13...mobil 13...
rumah 13....asal suami gk 13 juga..

gk nyambung ya....sudah hampir....

Chester said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
UpyL said...

13 itu bagus,mempesona, indah, cantik jelita. Keren dei pokoknya :D

Thx uda mampir k blogQ y....

yoga permana kusumah said...

no 13 yah...??
apa ya. saya suka angka 3 nya aja :P

ba-em said...

broo masih banyak ruang kosong yaa. dari pada mubazir, lebih bagus ikutan program blog ku

si dede jadul punya said...

nothing special of those.
there's just number!!!
who cares!

Rofi said...

kerennnnnnnnnnnn mantab brooooooo

Ani said...

Sebenarnya tergantung bagaimana kita mensugesti diri kita tentang angka 13. Kalau kita percaya bahwa 13 membawa sial, ya siallah, tapi kalau kita nggak percaya ya 13 bukan angka sial lagi, bisa jadi angka keberuntungan.

Anang said...

opo to iki.... angka 13 angka keramat... tanya aja ma gusdur... hahahaha....

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