Hari Kartini Minazh Zhulumaati Ilan Nuur

Hari Kartini Minazh Zhulumaati Ilan NuurMinazh Zhulumaati Ilan Nuur (Dari Gelap Menuju Cahaya), Emancipation comes from the Latin "emancipatio" which means liberation from the hands of power. In old Roman times, freeing a child who has not grown from the power of parents, as well as lifting their rights and dignity. Since the 14th century emancipation of women is defined as equality of rights and freedoms as men's rights.

The caller of women emancipation wants that women are juxtaposed with men in all areas of life, whether in education, employment, economy and governance.

In Indonesia women emancipation is identical to struggle of Raden Ajeng Kartini to obtain equal rights with men. This thought made possible through Kartini's uprising against sufferings of Javanese women by tradition's confines, for example, they can not go to school, should secluded, married to a man not known, and must be willing in poligamy. Her opposition was stated in the book "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" (Minazh Zhulumaati Ilan Nuur / Dari Gelap Menuju Cahaya) , translated by Armijn Pane (Balai Pustaka, 1982).

From the writings and her letters, Raden Adjeng Kartini is not the warrior of women emancipation (gender equity) as of now echoed by the feminism because in fact the thing that struggled by Kartini is so noble, it's not only gender equality but more on women's rights at that time neglected.

Raden Ajeng Kartini has lofty ideals, that is changing society, especially women who do not get the right education, is also to free themselves from unjust laws and notions of materialism, to then switch to the circumstances when women get their rights and in performing its obligations.

Today, many women need to watch out for demanding equal rights with men, the similarity to compete in the world of liberal and free from cultural society. By theorem break stereotype of gender refraction, by bringing women's emancipation movement. Is this women's emancipation Kartini fought ? Is Kartini only become a shield for women who love freedom?

One thing to keep in mind that the concept of emancipation of Kartini's ideas so contrary to the concept of women's emancipation which buzzing today. It's no longer "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" is the meaning of the emancipation of women today, but "Habis Gelap Terang Tak Kunjung Datang".

From generation to generation Indonesia lost its eastern norms. Depleting moral. Many women who do not appreciate her husband. Religion is no longer a role model in life. If Kartini alive again today, then cry will not held back and Kartini the one who will oppose women's emancipation movement today. Selamat Hari Kartini Yes Selamat Hari Poligami No !

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hendra said...

rada rada kopitozie style ixixixixi

Leader Street said...

konsep ttg emansipasi wanita itu telah nampak pd realitas2 skrg, tp ambisilah yg membuat keadaan itu tdk pernah cukup....
lagu Wanita Indonesia telah memberikan contoh2 tindakan wanita indonesia saat ini

shared lifestyle said...

nice post....selamat hari kartini n stop poligami..he.he..

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