Haiti Earthquake 2010

Haiti Earthquake 2010Haiti Earthquake 12 January 2010, We can't close our eyes with the tragedy in Haiti recently. A major earthquake struck Haiti on 12 January just ten miles from the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Local officials are reporting a catastrophe of major proportions.

Haiti Earthquake, Since Haiti today faced a natural disaster of unprecedented proportion, many earthquake victims in Haiti now need our help. Everybody in the world of course want to help them.

Haiti EarthquakeCurrently, with food, water and other aid flowing into Haiti in earnest, relief groups and officials are focused on moving the supplies out of the clogged airport and to hungry, haggard earthquake survivors in the capital.

Would you like to help them too ? As the public, you are invited to drop off specific items that will be part of the airlift.

The earthquake victims in Haiti (Gempa Haiti) need medical supplies, food and other emergency items that are urgently needed to assist them, or just donate them through some organization near you. But if you can't help with all of these, just send your pray for them berdoa.

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