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Pro PayPal E-Commerce contains the most comprehensive collection of information on the latest PayPal technologies available. It takes the approach of PayPal as a digital money platform, and shows how its a dynamic service that offers far more than just payment processing, not related with my last posting about Paypal Hacks.

With its breadth of technologies and APIs, the PayPal platform is a basis for development and innovation for an unlimited number of possibilities. It offers a wide range of payment technologies, but its not always simple to decipher which technology is the best choice for a web site.

This book gets under the hood to display you how the different technologies work, how to choose the correct solution, and how to implement the solutioncomplete with real-world PayPal success tales.


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Pro Paypal E Commerce Experts Voice Review

Youll learn how to integrate PayPal directly into web sites to create employ of its payment technologies. This allows you, no matter what language you program in, to build shopping carts or similar channel products with PayPal as a payment option.

You can also employ this book to learn about the basics of e-commerce, where PayPal fits in, and how you can meet your own e-commerce needs.

This book covers How PayPal works Using the PayPal API Website Payments Standard Website Payments Pro Instant Payment Notification Payment Data Transfer Encrypted Website Payments Administration Reporting Fraud protection Payflow Gateway. Lowest Price : $13.40 Buy Pro Paypal E Commerce Experts Voice - 1590597508

User Reviews about Pro Paypal E Commerce Experts Voice

Cohesive and Comprehensive
Rate Given : 4 | on : 2009-06-20
This book is aimed squarely at developers, but it does not assume that the reader knows the first thing about PayPal, and the introductory chapters do not require any coding background to know.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the problems that PayPal addresses, the services that PayPal offers, advice on when one service might be more appropriate than an other, as well as an in-depth coverage of how to work with each service and integrate the service into a website or web application.

Throughout the book, the author highlights gotchas and provides helpful tips, such as "remember to write down the fake credit card number the first time it is if, because that is the only chance you acquire". It becomes obvious that the author has spent time with the development community answering the same questions time and again, and seeing developers create the same mistakes over and over.

The book is language-agnostic, with code examples from many mainstream languages. Developers who acquire experience programming in a single language may find it hard to port the knowledge to their language of choice.

Though all of the information is freely available in various forms of documentation on PayPal"s website, I would highly recommend the book if you are considering using PayPal as a payment option as it is cohesive and comprehensive.
Very helpful to employ PayPal
Rate Given : 5 | on : 2008-10-07
Even though I am not a website developer, I found this book simple to know. I learned many fresh ways to employ PayPal on my website to assist me grow my commerce. Mr. Williams writing style in this book is simple to digest for someone who knows small about the PayPal service. Although there are parts of the book for more technically inclined individuals, there is plenty to learn for those who are not.

nothing you cannot acquire from official documentation but...
Rate Given : 3 | on : 2008-04-07
This book doesn"t offer nothing that you can"t acquire from official documentation, but, sometimes see for answers in the paypal docs is time-consuming, and not as effective as whished. This book recopilates and order all that information in one resource, and that is the main reason to acquire it. I find specially fascinating the appendix with all variables supported for the different paypal solutions.

I will give it more value if the book create an effort to give more information than the official doc. For instance, I will appreciate more info on Shipment, Taxes info. Other examples on IPN than the official ones, for instance, a PHP5 class to handle IPN will be valuable.

Excellent to acquire a wide view on options paypal has to offer, and excellent to save time of browsing to find a simple variable or reference.
If your a PHP Programmer...
Rate Given : 4 | on : 2007-10-20
If your a PHP programmer I would recommend that you buy both this book and the book "Web API"s with PHP". Neither of the books is a one-discontinue solution for integrating paypal with php. But, using the books in conjunction with each other, an experienced programmer shouldn"t acquire any distress taming PayPal. Learning to uses the PDT, IPN or API from these two books is FAR SIMPLER than trying to chase down answers on PayPal"s site and web forums.

What you need, when you need it.
Rate Given : 5 | on : 2007-08-23
Starts by providing an overview of the methods available to interface with PayPal. Enough for you to choose the one(s) you need.

Each chapter then describes how to implement those methods. Example code is given. Nice charts and figures.

Useful for someone who needs to really do the work.

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