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Luna Maya TwitterDo you remember Luna Maya case in December 2009 ? Representative of infotainment workers reported Luna Maya artists to Polda Metro Jaya on December 17, 2009 . Luna reportedly because infotainment workers were accused of insulting on Twitter.

At that time Luna attended the premiere of "Sang Pemimpi" film which starring by her boyfriend, Ariel Peterpan. Together with Luna is Ariel's daughter, Allea Anata. Luna presence with carrying Ariel's daughter from his marriage to Sarah Amalia, of course, attract the attention of infotainment workers.

After watching the movie, Luna attacked infotainment workers directly. She seemed upset that the camera belonged to one of the cameramen on the head of Allea.

According to the latest news, on Thursday (18 / 2) the report be revoked. "Priyo Wibowo has lifted his report to the Luna Maya. Thus the case of the alleged insults made by Luna Maya is stopped," explained Director of Special Investigation and Criminology Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol. Sutisna Agus.

Revocation of the report was done because of the peace treaty between Priyo as rapporteur with Luna Maya. What the contents of the treaty, not known yet. It said, they agreed to resolve between themselves and will not require legal process to Luna Maya. Dangdut singer Camelia Malik acted as a witness.

Luna Maya case can be learned for the people who frequently use social networking sites facilities. People have freedom to express their opinion, but don't violate the norms.

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luna maya? yes I do, tukang es diaradu :D

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