Honda CBR 150R

Manufacturer Honda introduces CBR 150R latest version at Bangkok, Thailand. Honda CBR 150R priced at 75.900 baht, or about Rp 22.6 million per unit.

Honda CBR 150R now looks more stylish with added fairing. Not only embedding the fairing of the medium category motorcycle side that make it looks different with a line pull of which was reinforced.

Motor exhaust is a bit stout with accented street monsters, even though its class is different.
Under seat CBR 150R equipped with engine capacity of 150cc DOHC 4-valve 6-speed transmission. Engine temperature is cooler with fan-cooled liquid and electrical.

Not only that, Honda equips injection system (PGM FI) for supplies of oil into the engine, a more efficient system compared with ordinary carburetor. Honda claims this is the first injection of motor sport in Thailand. For security, disc brakes on both feet installed and integrated with a piston in each 'kaliper'.

Honda as quoted by official website of Honda Thailand saying called the motor is as True Blood of Sport Spirit. Motor was prepared as a step to strengthen Honda's strategy of Honda two-wheeler market in ASEAN.

Target problem, Honda is optimistic. Just imagine, 10.000 units are going to sell annually. "With this we put a target of 10 thousand units per year with a price of 75,900 baht," writes Thailand Honda.

This motor injection will be launched in Thailand and began to circulate at Honda dealership in Bangkok on November 10, 2010. These motors are also available with 3 colors that Sporty RWB, X-treme RED, and Night Black. Will this CBR 150R latest version go to Indonesia? We see later.

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