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Astronomers, around the world who monitor the Sun, including NASA's monitoring station, Solar Dynamics Observatory reported there had been a big explosion in the sun last weekend.

The sun burst of energy which appears like a huge fireworks displayed at the Sun's surface. The wave energy emitted toward the Earth was just like a tsunami that crossed 93 million mile across the sky.

As reported by Telegraph.co.uk, scientists estimated that the Sun / Solar tsunami (Tsunami Matahari) would reach the Earth on Tuesday (08/03/2010). In the North and South Poles, the tsunami is estimated to create the phenomenon of Aurora in the sky.

However, scientists also warned that this Solar tsunami can damage the communication satellites which are milling around the Earth. But it is not clear the level of damage that may arise.

According to Dr. Lucie Green, an astronomer at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Surrey, England, the explosion was so huge that they can not be resisted by the gravity of the sun. The energy of the explosion will freely enter the surface of the Earth.

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re4d said...

pay a big attention for this. and look at the beautiful impact, aurora in the north pole.


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