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Temples in Bali Strait Underwater Create Commotion, Photos of underwater temple building (candi di bawah laut) circulating on microblogging twitter site. The picture mentioned was taken from underwater of Bali Strait.

Nevertheless, Ministry of Culture and Tourism can not ensure the truth of photo images of temple under the sea. The plan, meeting the Ministry with the picture taker will be held next week.

"This should be presented to telematic expert," said Director of Underwater Archaeological Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Surya Helmi in his office, Jakarta, Wednesday, August 4, 2010.

Surya has a little suspect this photos of temple under the sea. Because, the water image displayed was so clear. Surya've even seen these pictures since two months ago.

"But the logic is, on land we rarely get the temple intact. Evenless at sea," said Surya who is also a former Director of Antiquities and Museum.

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gemal said...

really cool. but there's still was controversial comment.... and i was looking in many web, there was long pict..

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