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Despite announced result of selection via the Internet, the State University of Semarang and Diponegoro University Semarang, still announce the results of University Entrance National Selection (SNMPTN) 2010 manually on the print media.

Saturday morning, many of newspaper seller offers SNMPTN placard announcement around campus of Undip and Unnes Semarang. So did their parents or prospective students who joined the test are still many who are looking for a newspaper, although an announcement could be seen on the internet.

"SNMPTN 2010 Announcement of results can be accessed online, but Unnes and Undip still put up announcement in newspapers," said Chairman of the Local Committee 42 SNMPTN Semarang, Supriadi Rustad, overnight. He said the participants can see the announcement of SNMPTN 2010 results through an online site that is provided, namely begin Friday (16 / 7) at 18:00 pm.

However, he said, the participants are usually not enough when just looking on the internet and choose to see in the papers, so it still will facilitate this. In the new admissions through the path SNMPTN, he said, Undip provide quota for new students as much as 1619 people from a total quota of 8305 students.

"Unnes provide a quota of new students through SNMPTN of 1345 people of the total quota of new students as many as 4859 people," said Supriadi who is also Vice Rector (PR) I Unnes.

No buyers
However though still published in print media, many participants did not use them. Even the newspaper seller claimed not many people who buy the special paper to see the announcement SNMPTN.

"If previous years 24.00 hours newspaper sellers had lined the road on Jalan Pahlawan and the buyers already lined up. But now till 08.00 am I was only able to sell 15 newspapers of SNMPTN Announcement," said Supri, newspaper sellers who hung on Jalan Pahlawan early morning.

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