Ayu Azhari Nominating As South Tangerang Vice Regent

Ayu AzhariFailed to candidating herself as a vice regent in Sukabumi, Ayu Azhari doesn't want to talk a lot. Last weekend, this film star and singer appeared in the Planet Hollywood wearing a short dress. Her appearance was more relaxed and Ayu also looks younger than her age.

But unfortunately, the older sister Sarah and Rahma Azhari was not much to say. After became a master ceremony at an event, Ayu walking toward a white Toyota Vios. Reporters who crowded around just given a smile.

There is a news, after failed in Sukabumi, Ayu was trying to be candidate of vice regent in South Tangerang. Is it really ? But Ayu smiled only.

"Later,essentially you will get a response from me. Anyway there is time when I would speak, but not the place is not here. Because I am here as an invitation, "said Ayu.

According to the mother of six children, there is a time to speak in front of the media regarding her failure to become a county official. "I'll talk to you. So please be patient because I was preparing a special time for you, " Ayu said while getting into the car.

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agung ardhi wijayanto said...

waw, fotonya seksi banget ya ?????

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