Unhappy Marriage Better vs Divorce

Unhappy Marriage Better vs DivorceDivorce. One creepy word for every marriage. From the first time couples bound promises to live togetherness in a good or bad time forever and after, of course there were not even a simply thought of living separately at the end because of one word, divorce. Divorce Better than Unhappy Marriage? or Unhappy Marriage better than Divorce ?

For so many reasons, divorce are avoided. Couples prefer to stay in an unhappy marriage rather than decide to live happily separated. Most reasons are financial and for the shake of children or Marriage May Survive. Is that really helpful ?

Most unemployed wives are afraid of losing person who takes care of the family's living cost and that's why they could scrape along unhappy marriage. And they think that divorce is also emotionally hurt. No wonder. How can we stand to stay separately with the one we used to live with.

When a marriage are fulfilled with fights, with just a little or even no romantic touch between husband and wife, no more love and affection shared, so isn't it a good decision to take a good divorce rather than living an unhappy marriage and show bad model to your kids?

Yes, it will take really a hard time deciding such thing. It is generally accepted that children learn both good and dysfunctional patterns and behavior from their parents. Divorced couples should be able to provide understanding to their children.

This is not intended to provoke those whose in problematic marriage. Here is just to share my own experience living a hard way but happy at the end, may divorce is the best way to bring along a happier life. Every couple has their own problem and of course they have their own way to solve it.

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Pasa Firaya, ST said...

Berkunjung menjalin relasi, mencari ilmu yang bermanfaat.
Sukses yach ^_^

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