Important to Say I Love you

Important to Say I Love youIn about love, most of us prefer to express through actions than words. We do not hesitate to accompany someone that we love anywhere, easy to buy an expensive gift, do not hesitate to give comfort, and other forms of attention.

Meanwhile statements "love", to parents, siblings or lovers - keep only for special occasions. Maybe on birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary and important days of others. While the ordinary days of verbal expression are buried deeply. Even so it, until then we are no longer pronounce it fluently.

This habit is a result from a popular culture. There are more love songs, for example, which requires action to prove love to girlfriend / boyfriend. Remember how the Extreme group sang " More Than Words (''Saying 'I love you' is not the words I want to hear from you, it's not that I want you not to tell but if you only knew, how easy it would be to show me how you feel, more than words is all you have to do to make it real, then you would not have to say that you love me, cause I already know'').

Isn't it that the song convince us how trivial the declaration of love? If it's too often to say, you are considered not really love. Similarly with the word "especially for you", if you say it so often to the one person you love, it can be happened that he / she is not trust you anymore that the thing you do is really special for him/her.

The author and illustrator Andrew Matthews in the book Making Friends encourage the opposite. He said, love is not enough to prove with action, but must be accompanied by the words. "Frequently verbally express it,'' Matthews firm.

In Making Friends, Matthews also told the worst effects may occur if we do not consider important declaration of love. For example, according to Matthews, we are love our mother so much and wanted to tell about it.

Because of feeling embarrassed and prestige, we procrastinate. " I will say it someday later",so we are determined. On her birthday? Mothers day? when the mother ill, or had an accident? The delay continues until our mother died and we regret it for life time why not say it.

Why most of us do not want to convey feelings of love, even in people who really loved? According to Matthews, admitted feeling is not an easy job. It takes courage to express our feelings. There are also risks: silenced, ridiculed, or suspected of having specific purposes.

Likewise, as other thing has different risk, expressed feelings of love is also profitable. People we love will be more confident in us, especially if we also prove it by deeds. Matthews quotes Jim Rohn statement , "the words are no substitute for action. Similarly, the action is not a substitute for words.''Both actions or words must be expressed as often as possible, before other people who are not entitled to express it.

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matt hendra said...

I love you BP, you rock sir... go bite 'em :lol:

Bunglon Blog said...

waha visiting first here
greething friendship brother..
say love u with some one special hehe..

Risma2006 said...

Of course I always say I Love You to My Wife he he

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