Nokia N900 Phonemobile Computer With 35 Inch Touchscreen

Nokia N900 Phonemobile Computer With 35 Inch Touchscreen Qwerty 5 Mp Camera Maemo Browser 32 Gb Us Version, Delight in quick application processing and multitasking on a live Dashboard. ARM Cortex-A8 600MHz and total available application memory up to 1GB (256MB RAM + 768 MB virtual memory) Experience the full web with Maemo browser. Browser powered by Mozilla technology, full flash 9.4 and AJAX support.

Nokia N900 Phonemobile Computer With 35 Inch Touchscreen Qwerty 5 Mp Camera Maemo Browser 32 Gb Us Version, Personalise your own panorama desktop on the 3.5 Inch 800x480 pixel touch screen. Quick wireless broadband. WiFi and HSPA data 10/2.0 Mbps. Chat with voice calls, internet calls, instant messages and SMS. Merge your phone book, Skype contacts and other contacts into an all-in-one address book.

Share your status, location and mood with your friends. Hold multiple IM and SMS conversations going and plod easily between them. Email on the go with rich HTML and full QWERTY keyboard, Pre-installed Nokia Messaging that mobilizes up to 10 personal email accounts.

Hold high quality photos and wide screen videos using the 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Tag photos with keyword cloud to best described the moment and find them easily later on. See where photos were taken with the automatic geotagging. Share to Ovi Share & Flickr or store in the massive 32 GB internal storage.


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Nokia N900 Unlocked Phonemobile Computer With 35 Inch Touchscreen Qwerty 5 Mp Camera Maemo Browser 32 Gb Us Version With Full Warranty Lowest Price : $549.99 Buy Nokia N900 Phonemobile Computer - B002OB49SW Review :

Nokia N900 Unlocked Phonemobile Computer With 35 Inch Touchscreen Qwerty 5 Mp Camera Maemo Browser 32 Gb Us Version With Full Warranty Features

  1. 5-megapixel camera/camcorder. GPS for navigation and location services. Wi-Fi networking. Bluetooth stereo music. digital media player. personal and corporate email
  2. Mobile computer with full cellular voice and messaging capabilities, 3.5-inch touchscreen display, slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, and powerful Maemo 5 operating system
  3. Optimized for WCDMA 900/1700/2100, Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, Optimized for 3G networks on WCDMA 900/1700/2100 Quad-band EGSM, 850/900/1800/1900
  4. This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Not all carrier features may be supported. It will not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint.

User Reviews about Nokia N900 Unlocked Phonemobile Computer With 35 Inch Touchscreen Qwerty 5 Mp Camera Maemo Browser 32 Gb Us Version With Full Warranty

Computer in your pocket
Rate Given : 5 | on : 2010-01-13
This is what I"ve been dreaming of for years!

I truly is a Computer in your pocket.

Not only do I acquire the Maemo OS installed but Debian Linux as well through a chroot.

This means I can install any program I acquire available on my Desktop computer.

Now, if you are not a power user this may not be the phone for you.

If you are just looking for fun apps to murder time you may want to see into an Android phone.

But, if you are a harecore Linux user and you know what you are doing this phone is for you.

The powerful tools that you can employ on this phone create it like occupy a netbook computer in your pocket.

I acquire had over 10 programs running at once and the phone still runs smooth.

The video quality is fantastic. I"ve barely touch my video camera since I got this phone.

Need a modem for your computer? When you plug your N900 into your computer it questions if you want to associate in "Mass Storage Mode" or "PC Suite Mode". PC Suite mode will tether you phone to your computer. If you are running Linux on your desktop you will acquire a message asking who your carrier is. You pick your carrier from a list and you are connect to the Internet through your phone (I acquire not tried this on Windows or Mac). That"s it, no hacking needed.

Once again, if you are not familiar with a Linux system this phone may be a small over your head.

But, if you are you can pretty much leave your netbook at home.
Not fairly there yet but problaby best so far from Nokia
Rate Given : 4 | on : 2010-01-13
As a Finnish myself I always been hardcore Nokia fan and had over 10 nokia phones in past. But recent times acquire been just total disappointment particularly n97 that was my largest phone disappointment ever!

To create my tale small I consider Nokia still has long way to go to display the world it can create some serious smartphones.

Maemo is fantastic and I absolutely admire the sleek aesthetic looks and simple IA. It"s pretty user friendly with excellent usability. Also its probably fastest Smartphone Nokia acquire made so far and I do appreciate flash on the browser as well. Although regarding the flash performance I do acquire to confess it"s somewhat sluggish and might acquire some performance issues. Surfing in web is just fine but it bothers me that only has landscape mode correct now. Perhaps fix is on the way?

Also I got few internal errors which in one case required me to restart the phone.

Ovi is still major disappointment, Nokia seriously needs Google maps for the phone.

At the time no Skype was available on the phone... why do advertise Skype for it if u can"t provide it on time. Just knowing its available soon is ridiculous, shame on you Nokia!

Occupy serious issues connecting my windows 7 based laptop with phone via Bluetooth, Nokia CS useless as of nowadays Bluetooth doesn"t work. Apparently a driver issue. Waiting for update.

Screen is gorgeous and probably tops or is on same level with other major Smartphones but what is it with resistive touch screen? Personally I don"t like it but it"s ok when using stylus.

Camera is awesome, 10 points here.

No mms, and facebook app is hell battery killer. I really very much like the stereo sound thing thats well done.

Nokia needs to acquire flash developers to create its apps or it never catches up with others. As of nowadays the maemo app store was still under construction. Just getting something close in enough correct is not getting it correct. Much of the phones credit am overall convinced with the phone but there are few issues that Nokia needs to address asap.

p.s. Phone arrived what appeared to be damage or open box acquire now address this issue with amazon. Amazon customer service is fantastic and very helpful
Fantastic phone, but not perfect
Rate Given : 3 | on : 2010-01-13
The phone is fantastic, but has som CONs:

1. Not support CISCO WEP-LEAP, a lot of companies using this, so this means you may can"t employ wifi in your company.

2. Only two profile, normal and silence.

3. Phone volumn is not so loud.

4. Event misses some functions.
Mobile Computing reached. The N900 does it all.
Rate Given : 5 | on : 2010-01-12
This phone/Mobile Computer really lived up to my expectations and passed them. in terms of speed and power. I am a cellular salesman , I acquire been since 2007 so I"ve followed cell phones closely only because I"m crazy about them, and I normally change phones a few times a year. Not anyone more, The Nokia N95 really kept me for 2 years and I"m certain this Nokia N900 will hold me for 2 years or more. This phone/mobile computer is a excellent investment, The only rumored phone to be released this year or next based on this platform is the Nokia N920(in progress title) and the N920 does not acquire a keyboard like the N900, so this will be similar to T-mobile G1 and My touch 3G I imagine. In that respect even if they approach out with a newer model with a snap dragon processor , it won"t be a huge leap I believe, I can"t imagine any programs that can race on snapdragon that won"t race on the N900"s Cortex A8 even if it needs a small tweaking. Besides This phone is certainly for geeks and enthusiasts.

I consider it"s pointless to repeat what everyone else is saying, so I"ll just reveal you to believe them, this phone really is that fantastic, all the hardware you could need for a long time is there and any feature not yet implemented will be soon, MMS is not available on this handset but they acquire recently released a MMS program in the Developer repository on this phone that allows you send and receive MMS. I mentioned this because any feature that is not available yet can always be added. The Maemo platform allows for real integration into the os with third party apps and not some cheap parlor tricks, or under developed interfaces. there are a lot of downloads for third party plugins that don"t even acquire their own interface, they work so well that they employ the standard Maemo OS interface to configure them, such as adding Aim support( AIM chat is not available out of box). But once installed , you can configure them through conversations just like the other protocols that came with the phone such as skype etc.( There are many others this was just the simplest example).

Besides if you reading all of this, it means your seriously considering this phone, if you want to acquire everything at your finger tips and want to acquire piece of intellect knowing that your phone CAN"T become outdated anytime soon or later for that matter, then this phone is for you.

Just be ready for the weight, the phone is about 1.5x heavier than other smartphones. I swear it"s worth it.

If you acquire any questions about the phone or interface, feel free to question. Now is the time before February when I return to college, otherwise I"m not doing anything correct now.

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