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Kal Penn who is he ? Why Everyone's talking about Kal Penn today. His character just up and killed himself on last night's "House," making for a very awkward moment in the show. (Why couldn't House figure this out?!) In real life, we know why Penn left -- he's taking a job in Obama's White House.

Kal Penn Death ? Kal Penn died in reailty or just at the house show? The answer is Kal Penn is still alive. The Man who died is his character Dr. Lawrence Kutner. Here is the quote from www.fox.com/kurtner

Kal Penn got on the phone with reporters today to discuss his abrupt departure, his new gig and what this means for the future of Harold & Kumar. Here's some audio Kal Penn from that teleconference ...

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Dodol said...

Mesti di negoro nya sono lagi rame berita iki??
=)) sukses ae Bang,..

Selebritiz said...

i dont know him ... sopo toh mas ? pemain film ?

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