How To Create Your Own Niche Blog Masterplan

In my previous article, I’ve wrote a short primer which teaches you how to create your own niche blog masterplan. Now in this post, I’ll touch on one of the most important parts of any niche blogging strategy: Choosing your blog niche.

Picking a profitable blog niche that is of personal interest can be a difficult process, not to mention that you’ll have to single out a niche amongst an almost infinite number of unique topics.

Not all blog niches are inherently profitable because the topic you choose, often determines the future size and profitability of your blog to some extent.

It is important to pick a niche that you have genuinely interest in because the natural passion you have for the topic sustains the content creation process and will actually make the whole chore of blogging enjoyable.

In this post, I’ll outline some of the methods you can use to select an appropriate blog niche that is not only potentially profitable but challenging and relevant to your interests.

Characteristics of the Ideal Blog Niche

Here’s a list of the factors which I personally think, constitute the ideal blog niche :

  • Personal interest in topics within the niche. You enjoy reading, learning and writing about these blog topics.
  • Networking foundation. You are already active in several networking groups or forums within the niche.
  • Moderate to high search volume. The blog niche has a moderate to high search volume, meaning that people actually do search for more information on the topic.
  • Potential for Monetization. Ideally, you’ll want a blog niche that actually serves up relevant contextual ads or has a range of affiliate programs which are at least partially relevant to your audience’s needs.

My method of choosing a niche is surprisingly straightforward and the research process is very easy to perform. You should be able to pick a suitable niche in an hour or much lesser, by using the simple three step method that I’ve outlined below.

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