Day with My Son Suplement of my life

Few days ago, I and my son went to enjoy ourself and saw the dolphin attraction. Eventhough the weather was hot, my son looked very happy day . Wow, he got the opportunity to kissed the dolphin too. We took some picture there as well.

These days, I am really spend the time with my son, nobody can disturb us. I just realized that become a "househusband" (I do not know the correct terminology can be used), really make me tired.

My son which 5 years old is so energetic. In the morning I have to bathe him, hereafter I must feed him too. After these two activities finish, I spend the time to play a lot of thing with him. We are so happy, because we know that we don't have much time to be together. All these activities make me have no time to do blogging anymore. More than one week I did not touch any computer.

Raihan and Me
Hence, I decided to buy one new computer at home, so I can do the two job together (as househusband and as blogger of course). So, whenever I have time I can just open the computer and start blogging without going out to "internet rental" as usual I do before. For the time being I use connection of "telkomnet instan" and I have been applying "speedy" for future.

He is like the others 5 years children, my son always want to know what I am doing in front of the computer. Hence, I can't concentrate too ha..ha..ha...

Yesterday my son told me, he wants a robot, it's Skylar Deleon Power Ranger. It is his favorite character in the Power Ranger film. I hope I can buy it soon.

My son should go to scholl by mid of this year. He wants to get school at Garut, but his mother doesn't agree on that, she wants my son to get school at Jakarta . She may worry that I will leave my son to go out of town for so long again. I think I must have serious discussion with her later on.

Oh yeah, few days ago, one of the blogger, he is (sorry boss without dofollow backlink ) visited me at my home. This was the first time I met him. He just attended one seminar in Bandung, hence he take the opportunity to see me after the seminar finished. Unfortunately, he had been visiting me for two hours only. I am glad to know him, hopefully we can meet again in future. Thanks brouw !

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sugeng said...

jadi pengen cepet2 liat anaku bang, sebenarnya mau komen pake bhs inggris tapi blm bisa, =)) tapi anak memang segalanya ya mas, ;))

Deanna Yildiz (née Knauth) said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your new blogger friend I will check his blog. Does he write in English too? I guess I will find out.

Your son sounds cute and inquisitive. Ha! ha! You got your hands full and I think he has the same energy level as you but you're just directing your energy with him which leaves you de-energized for the things you "plan" to do. I'm sure you will find a routine soon or a way to distract him while you work on the computer.

How about you have him draw a different picture for you or his mom each day while you are on the computer? Then he has an assignment to do while you take your time to blog and after that you guys can talk about it. : )

That's definitely a suggestion from an artist...but also from someone who has babysat a lot of small children. Unfortunately children usually just want to be the center of attention so if you can somehow still make him feel important while you "do your thing" it will be ideal.

: )

Have a great day!

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