Arrived at My Hometown

Blogger Pesta 2009Saturday night, Grand Cempaka Hotel, Jakarta. I was there together with some of my friends from Bandung and Yogya attended an agenda that I mentioned in my previous post Jurney Haven't Finish. It started at 7 pm until midnight.

There was bestowal for some awards there. Wow, I am sure that you never imagine, I got an award too. Just see my photo in this post.

The agenda really made me tired. After the agenda finished, one of my friend who is in Jakarta visited me at the Hotel. He has been together with me for 30 minutes only since he had some agenda with his girlfriend.

Blogger Pesta 2009Blogger PestaHence, I went to sleep directly afterwards. In the early morning, my beloved girlfriend called me. I am really missed her. I am sure she was too. We talked about everything and about my plan to continue my trip to Garut in that day. Firstly I planed to go to Garut at 11 am, but since nothing to do in Jakarta, I changed it to go on 9 am instead of. My friends and family picked me up by their own car.

Finally, after more than three hours, we arrived at my hometown Garut. My child and my family looked so happy when they saw me. So do I. I could see that they were really missed me.
Nowdays I am enjoying my days with my son, Raihan. Whole day I am together with him, from wake up until we sleep again.

Blogger PestaYesterday Raihan requested to have the birthday cake and blow the candle together with me. It because I was not around him when he had the 5 years birthday on last March. He looked so happy.

Just stay at home for few days have make me fatter than before. I gain my weight for 2kg just in 3 days ha..ha..ha.... Therefore I do sport too to counterbalance it. Lucky that my brother has small fitness centre, so I can join with all the member there. I still have some plans that I need to do here for my future.

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Garmin said...

nice... ;))

Ide Gokil said...

wah skarang pake bahasa inggris yup postingannya? kerennn loch, sayangnya ombung pasif dg bahsa yg 1 ini, so komentnya pake bahasa pribumi aja dech, gak papa ya mas? Oya pa kbr?

blogger dodol said...

Weeeekss KApan nech postingan...
Kok aku ga pernah lihat...

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