The Journey Haven't Finish...

After say good bye to some friend and neighbours, finally I return to Jakarta. I was so sad to leave everything there, and of course because I must leave some beautiful woman there too ha..ha...Fly by plane always become matter that make me nervous and worry. For me, I will be feel safer if go by bus or boat.

Finally I arrive at Jakarta few days ago. One of my family's friend comes fetch. And finally I stay in their house in Tangerang for a few days. There is agenda that I must go in Jakarta with friend of mine from Bandung. Yesterday, in the early morning, my friend called me. He said that during they are on the way from station Gambir go to hotel in Jakarta, their laptop are stayed in cab. Unlucky, there are much important files there. Finally yesterday all day long our time many is used to manage missing laptop in order to return back.

Unlucky the laptop really loses, it can't be find. Night its at seven, I must attend conferment agenda in the one of hotel in Jakarta. In this time being my appearance seriously differs from usually. Because I must wear coat style that I don't like to use before. Ayway, once in a time it's oke for me.

This agenda surely ends midnight, though tomorrow I must continue my journey to Garut. My child has been waiting for me over there.

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blogger dodol said...

Habis cari ilmu baru yach Bang?? Ikut seminar seminar cari duit gampang di internet??
Atau jangan2 mo ketemuan sama Trio Macan, kan lagi heboh foto bugil trio macan wekwkwkwkwk,..
Mana oleh oleh nya,...??
Pake bahasa manusia dong bang kesan2 selama di jakarta??

Anton said...

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torik said...

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ammir said...

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