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Blogger Indonesia here we go ... learning about Kontes SEO with kewyord Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit. Keyword density is important to you ...
Keyword density Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit , I was a little confused, but there are some articles that explain how to determine the density of keywords. I try to share with all participants gerakan indonesia bangkit this.

Writing at least three or four times a keyword telling you shoot in the pages of your target. Of course, the amount proportional to the amount of text written on a page that will pursue the keyword gerakan indonesia bangkit. If the text also contained many, the number of clear expectations and the keyword 'GERAKAN INDONESIA BANGKIT’ is also increasing.

Interesting to observed, the results of monitoring in order to optimize the use of search engines this, the best results from the search have shown that the keyword ‘Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit‘ are repeated on the page.

In addition, all words associated with the keywords Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit fragmentary used in the text established. Likewise, in writing ever, use the keyword ‘Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit’ in the sense of the variety may be written.

Keyword density of Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit is a relative measure of the use of keyword ‘gerakan indonesia bangkit’ on the page in question.
For example, if a page, there are 100 words, the keyword ‘gerakan indonesia bangkit‘ repeated as many as 5 times, the density of keywords ’Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit ‘ is considered 5%. If the percentage is very low, then the search engines are not high enough to take attention from the page in question.

Meanwhile, if the number of keywords Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit" is too high, search engines even skeptical that the page is considered as one of the behavior of spam, or information that plunging search results. If it happens, the page will be in the rank low.

The value of the optimal keyword density ‘gerakan indonesia bangkit‘ it should be between 5% -7%, in the case of the ‘Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit’ as the key, you are advised to calculate the number of key words’ Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit ‘from the number of words that established in my description are displayed.

The use of keywords Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit ‘that exceed the 7% is not positive news for the rank you. Make the keyword ‘Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit’ as it will be delivered naturally.

If the first observation of my games for the participants SEO Kontes (Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit) I try to shoot this Website keyword sharpshooter ‘Gerakan Indonesia Bangkit‘.

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