Lowongan Kerja Ber Gaji 6,5 M


Job opportunity with the $ 660,000 salary (Lowongan Pekerjaan Ber Gaji Besar)

Doing a mistake is one thing and to admit it is another thing. This post will not talk about the case of Artalyta or Urip which involved a lot of money and the attorney general. Artalyta or Urip may not get the death sentence. but ... ?

There is an opportunity for us to get the $ 660,000 without doing any cryme, eventhough the way is very difficult and has a high risk.

Whoever able to caught the first fugitive from justice of Singapore goverment "mas Selamat Kastari" as known as Edy Haryanto (47, who has been considering as a terrorist), you will get the bonus about Sin$ 1 million or about Rp 6,500,000,000. This bonus has promised by the two of Singaporean's entrepreuner through the minister of internal affairs of Singapore.

These two entrepreuners do not want to be exposed since they are so worry that their family and their business will be as an attack target by Kastari and his network.

Selamat Kastari is the leader of the Jama'ah Islamiyah Singapore. He escaped from Singapore's prison Whitley Road Detention Centre on 27th February 2008.

According to the rumor, he ever planned to bomb the Changi International Airport of Singapore on year 2002. Referring to the latest prediction, there is possibility that Kastari has success to be in to Indonesia.

Recently, Poltabes Barelang got an information that there is a man who is like Kastari around Batam area. But he is not caught and nor crippled. According to Poltabes Barelang, it can be happened that Kastari hid in the one of the village. We have a lot of islands, so it's very difficult to abundant him.

Previously Imam Samudera a.k.a Abdul Azis a.k.a. Qudama and friends (Amrozi & Ali Ghufron, who got the death sentence in the case of Bomb Bali 2nd), whoever can caught Qudama CS, you will get the Rp 1,000,000,000 (1 Milyar).

So now is the opportunity for you, who don't have any job; or have the job but low salary;not success as a publisher adsense; doing some reviews but always be rejected by the advertiser; but you want to be rich very soon, you can try to caught Kastari a.k.a. Edy Haryanto who are able in Batam based on latest information.

The risk is belong to you!

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Mike.... said...

wah..ini juga berat bro lowongan pekerjaannya..he..he..

Ani said...

hmm..daripada nyari Kastari, aku mending nunggu malaikat datang njatuhin duit 6 milliar buat aku deh ( mimpi kaleeee )

Kang Boim said...

sepakat ni ama ani...medingan pasang togel aja deh...dari pada di suruh nguber buronan :D :D

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