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Another Great SEO Guide by Aaron Wall

We all realize how important blogging has become in the last few years. We found another great SEO Guide to Blogging by Aaron Wall. As you all know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic (visitors) to a web site from search engines via “natural” (”organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords”: SEO defined by Wikipedia

We’re sorry, some times it takes us a while to post on the SEO practices Blog and it´s because of too much work and studying we keep doing every day to keep ourselves up to date on the subject, but we only want to deliver quality information and resources for our visitors.

Make sure you also check our guide to blogging resources for beginners, it gives you first hand information on best resources to get blogs, how to start them, SEO for blogs, finding and writing content, promoting your blog, social networks for blogs and some SEO tools for blogs.

Any ways the free SEO guide to blogging by Aaron Wall covers the following topics:

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# What Google Knows About Your Blog
# Why Blog SEO is Different From SEO for Other Websites
# Domain Registration & Hosting
# Keyword Research
# Keeping Up With the Joneses
# Writing Clear & Compelling Headlines
# Optimizing Site Structure
# Web Analytics
# Controversy
# Use Push Marketing After Launching Your Site
# Understanding Network Effects
# Learn More About SEO

So go on and check the Blogging guide by Aaron Wall, he is a leading search engine optimization expert and one who is highly regarded within the SEO industry.

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