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Harga Nokia N8 Smartphone GSM Touchscreen (Nokia N8 Layar Sentuh), Too many smart phones on the market make us hard to choose which is best. However, according to TechRadar analysis, which quoted by detikINET Friday (22/10/2010), there are at least five categories of handsets that included as the best in the world.

5. Nokia N8
Nokia N8 is different from previous Nokia smartphones. It has all features upscale. Call it a 12MP camera, video recording HD and new OS in the name of Symbian 3. Hardware N8 is on top in almost every category. Symbian 3 is also quite convincing. Especially for fans of Nokia, this phone may be unsurpassed.

4. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini / Mini Pro
This handset looks like a small version of Xperia X10, but have a lot of new things including a complete overhaul of Android OS. With affordable pricing, these phones have the impression of upper class. Unfortunately Android OS which carried is still 1.6.

3. Samsung Galaxy S
Galaxy S is undoubtedly the best Samsung cell phone. The phone is among the most powerful and most feature-rich. Call it Super Amoled an amazing screen and 1GHz processor Hummingbird. However, sometimes there is lag in user interface as well as have occurred many complaints about the GPS feature.

2. Apple iPhone 4
With Retina 960x640 pixel screen and body which is very slim and classy, iPhone 4 not doubt is Apple's best phone so far. Unfortunately, high price and some odor issues such as antennagate reduce its value.

1. HTC Desire
This phone is similar to Google's Nexus One, it's just better. Call it the User Interface HTC Sense and messaging facilities which are almost perfect. In general, this phone is considered to have no significant weaknesses and does not create a headache user, although first-time use. HTC Desire throne may only be broken by Desire HD or Desire Z which will soon be marketed.

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