Terorisme di Indonesia : Dagelan?

Teroris Medan, Aceh Terorist and issue of terrorism being in "peak season" today. This topic I wrote because yesterday heavily armed gunmen killed three police officers in western Indonesia early Wednesday. An armed group consisting of 12 to 15 people, who were believed to be terrorists, attacked Hamparan Perak police station (Polsek Hamparan Perak) in Deli Serdang regency, North Sumatra, early on Wednesday, fatally shooting three police officers.

The attack took place at 00:30 a.m., destroying the police station, apparently in retaliation to a raid on the hideout of alleged terrorists by anti-terror Police Detachment 88 on Sunday.

However, I have separate notes associated with this phenomenon of terrorism in Indonesia. First, the phenomenon of 'Bali bombing' still leaves a serious question: is it true that the "students" who "study" (ngelmu) in traditional Islamic boarding schools were able to assemble a bomb with explosive power equivalent to (or even actual) C4?

Moreover, the news circulated, assembles materials to be purchased at the grocery store. Although, it is said, some of them are "alumnus" of Afghanistan, but the fact is: not all countries are able to assemble a bomb with explosive power that horrible. Clearly, this is a real oddity.

Number two, that we often hear, the motive of terrorism is "hatred" against America and its allies. The name of religion and solidarity with the oppressed Muslims in other hemisphere, then they avenge their 'brother'. It seemed heroic.

Many believe, that the motives are as above. For this reason, many observers, political figures, wise statesman, 'moderates' scholars, the followers 'pluralism religious', and society in general, attempt to find preventive solution. They wanted to "awaken" the adherents of religion who stumbled into anarchist radicalism.

The approach is all sorts: some who use saheeh religion postulates to dismantle the terrorists false belief; there are flicked from side of universal human ethics, there are approaching from side of the socio-economic (particularly poverty, believed to be the principal cause someone to be trapped in religious radicalism), and so forth.

I am not trusting it for granted that the main motive is the case. Let's see. If they really hate America and its allies, which of the "interests" of America which detonated? U.S. Embassy / Kedutaan Besar AS? Namru-II? American multinational companies which dredge our natural resources? Nothing.

As if there were an imaginary command in between 'leaders behind the scenes' to the 'ammunition in field': "Convince the public that the motive was because of certain religious ideologies, hate 'infide oppressors', but you should never interfere with the interests of the hated state, because this just an act. You understand! "Ah, this is only an imaginary dialogue.

Number three, this is what I ask in my own mind, that the source of news about terrorism is always of one party: the police! The students whose study of 'selling' in market, which even parent in laws or his own wife never knew if her husband or son in law "barbarous/uncultured", had never given the opportunity to explain the matter. Once arrested, they seemed lost in earth, except only occasionally appeared on camera shouting: "Allahu akbar!" Perhaps to reassure the public that the motive was religious and misguided ideology. They be damned uncontrollably.

I do not unbelieve that the radical-anarchist groups which can kill humans did not exist. I just saw the issue of terrorism is too much mystery. My other corner of thought instead saying, "this is just cruel joke! (dagelan sadis!) from people who have interest in Indonesia. I do not know who they are. "

Source : Terorisme di Indonesia:Dagelan?

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Pakar Iklan said...

betul gan hanya dagelan POlisi ajaaaaaa

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