Jesse James Cheated on Sandra Bullock

Jesse James Cheated on Sandra BullockLiving in a marriage is not easy, agreement and commitment from both parties are needed to make your marriage run smoothly. Accept our partner as what she / he is and loyalty is also part of important things in a marriage. What happens if your spouse cheating and being unfaithful to you? It will hurt you of course.

It is like happening to Sandra Bullock and Jesse James now. According to the rumor, a Tattoo model namely Michelle McGee, the cause of the Sandra Bullock Marriage Trouble, had met Jesse James, Bullock's husband via MySpace. She had been contacted by the man, and their affair started after they met in person, consisting of 11 months, and five weeks of sex, as she reported.

Michelle McGee further reported that she would never have been involved in the relationship had she known that her lover was a married man. Instead, she confessed, Jesse James had led her to believe that he was single.

Bullock win an Oscar for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for The Blind Side. Bullock also won a Gloden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance. She is one of my favorite actress. I am very sympathetic to hear this. I can not imagine how she feels now. My hope, the rumor is not true.

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Jesse James Mistriss said...

According to rumors, they had undergone an affair for 11 months and had several times intercourse without wearing a contraceptive device

Jesse James Mistriss refers to the name Michelle Bombshell McGee. I guess, she will become very famous for few weeks. Then, most people will forget about her.

mymoen said...

Beginilah kehidupan dunia gemerlap. ga cukup satu bini. Coba gua jadi artis macam dia, pasti gua demen juga yang gituan.. :D

Demi Dewi said...

Kehidupan artis diluar ato didalam ternyata gak jauh berbeda

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