Samsung Corby S3650 Unlocked Gsm Cell Phone

Samsung Corby S3650 Unlocked Gsm Cell Phone, samsung-corby-s3650-unlocked-gsm-cell-phone Details ( click link )


The Corby mobile phone is the chilly and colorful way to associate. Not only is it packed with features, it"s got flair. Its bold bi-color cover can be interchanged with a funky patterned one or a chic black one - choose which based on your vibe each day. And when you’re in the mood to message, Corby"s convenient widget icons give you instant access to your favorite social networking sites. Update your Twitter status or send that picture you just snapped to your best friend in just seconds. Buy Samsung Corby S3650 Product - B002RBKH08

Samsung Corby S3650 Unlocked Gsm Cell Phone Lowest Price : $194.99


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harry seenthing said...

beurang tadi ge abi nganteran babaturan meser hape nu sami kayak gini kang, wakh ternyata keren buanget...sayang aku belum bisa beli......mungkin ada sumbangan dari garut ka ciamis mah di antosan nya kang...hehehehehe

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