Nokia N97 3g 5 Mp Camera

The Nokia N97 mobile phone provides brilliant user experience for internet and entertainment by combining QWERTY keyboard with resistive touch screen. Integrated A-GPS. 5 mega pixel camera.

Video.A-GPS is a network dependant feature that requires a data plot. Additional charges may apply Personalize your homescreen arrow Acquire all of your content and connections at your fingertips on the pretty personalizable home screen.

Manage and access your internet directly from the intuitive user interface and delight in the experience through the 3.5" sliding tilt display. Touch and QWERTY for connections to people and places arrow Delight in the quick and fun ways to associate to your friends. Learn, share and navigate with Nokia Maps and the integrated compass that keeps you facing the correct direction all the time.

Downloading maps and/or navigating with Nokia Maps may involve the transmission of large amounts of data through your cellular service provider¿s network. Contact your service provider for information about data transmission charges.

The availability and accuracy of GPS location services are dependent on wireless networks, satellite systems. It may not function in all areas or at all times.

You should never rely solely on GPS products for fundamental communications like emergencies. Indulge in videos, music and pictures arrow Acquire all your entertainment on board with up to 32 GB of storage. Acquire more from Ovi Store arrow Download apps, games, videos, and widgets directly to your device.


nokia-n97-unlocked-phone-with-touchscreen-3g-5-mp-camera-a-g Details ( click link )
Nokia N97 Unlocked Phone With Touchscreen 3g 5 Mp Camera A Gps 32 Gb Microsd Slot And Integrated Ovi Applications Us Version With Warranty White Lowest Price : $512.94 Review

Nokia N97 Unlocked Phone With Touchscreen 3g 5 Mp Camera A Gps 32 Gb Microsd Slot And Integrated Ovi Applications Us Version With Warranty White Features

  1. Up to 9.5 hours of GSM talk time (6 hours on 3G, up to 430 hours (17.9 days) of standby time
  2. Flip-out full QWERTY keyboard. A-GPS and Nokia Maps. Wi-Fi networking. Bluetooth stereo music. 32 GB internal memory. expandable via MicroSD
  3. Unlocked quad-band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies and US/International 3G compatibility via 850/1900/2100 UMTS/HSDPA plus GPRS/EDGE capabilities
  4. This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Not all carrier features may be supported. It will not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint.
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User Reviews about Nokia N97 Unlocked Phone With Touchscreen 3g 5 Mp Camera A Gps 32 Gb Microsd Slot And Integrated Ovi Applications Us Version With Warranty White

Nokia flagship looking dated
Rate Given : 3 | on : 2010-01-09
I am a huge Nokia fan and really liked my 5800 and 5530, so I was fairly looking forward to playing with the N97. This is a exquisite piece of hardware, the feel of the device is the nicest of any phone I acquire owned. But the software is really showing its age, even compared to newer, cheaper Nokia phones.

Nokia really are asleep at the wheel, the 5530 shows they can do fair job of making a touch phone using S60 but they acquire let their S60 flagship lag far behind other S60 phones that are less than half the price. I gave both the 5800 navigation edition and the 5530 XpressMusic 5 stars based on the fantastic usability and incredible value, but the wonderful N97 hardware is let down by ancient software.


- Wonderful hardware.

- Brilliant call quality

- Very extensive feature set.

- Very nice screen in sunlight.

- White color looks fantastic.

- Nice keyboard (apart from space bar).

- 32GB internal storage.


- Home screen lacks scrolling contacts of 5530.

- Inconsistent touch menu (some double, some single tap).

- Very small space bar.

- Mediocre browser.

- Weak FM transmitter (not powerful enough for car employ).

- Ovi Maps lack search (you need to acquire google maps installed too).

- No in-line spell check.

Don"t even waste your time comparing this phone to right smartphones like nexusone, droid or iphone 3gs, its just not in that league software wise, only price wise. When you see what google and apple acquire done so early in the smartphone game, it really is a shame for Nokia. Such fantastic hardware let down by such frightful software. And before you say N900, I had one and returned it, maemo shows promise but is far from ready for primetime employ and the hardware is a brick.

If you acquire lots of money, already like Nokia S60 phones and acquire never used an iphone or droid you should admire this phone. Everyone else steer clear of it, looks at the 5800 or 5530 if you wanna go Nokia.
Phone was chilly, but could find better.
Rate Given : 3 | on : 2010-01-04
The phone is very clean looking and I loved the keyboard and everything. But, the OS of this phone is ancient-school looking, and I didn"t like that I had to employ my nail to choose things on the phone. I was employ to the iPhone where you employ your actual finger. The phone does let you employ your fingers, but you end up choosing stuff that is above, below, or next to it. They give you an option to buy a stylus, but why do you ACQUIRE to acquire a stylus to acquire better performance from the phone?

There were also fairly a few buggy problems that I had with the phone, but not serious enough to handicap the phone. This is a nice phone if you don"t care about specifics and just need a phone to do basic things on.

The camera I didn"t feel was as awesome as they hold advertising. The quality was excellent enough but that"s it. Not a huge WOW factor. Video was the same. Then again it is a phone, not a digital camera. I didn"t like how I would turn off the flash of the phone and the light still went off when I took the picture (hard to be discreet).

Overall, I consider the phone was okay, had more cons than pros in my opinion.
I like the N97, but I would probably acquire the N97 mini now
Rate Given : 4 | on : 2009-12-08
Symbian is an bought taste, if you don"t like/not used to s60v5, you won"t like it even with 2.0 firmware. 2.0 firmware is what the N97 should acquire been released with. Given the N97 mini is $50 cheaper and it is 99% of what the N97 is, I would acquire the mini instead.
Nice phone, takes time to adapt to access all the applications.
Rate Given : 4 | on : 2009-12-08
Nice phone. Does not acquire the license to employ all the applications included in it like the document editors, etc.

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