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Recently, watching TV was become my important everyday to-do-list. This is because I'm having addicted to a special local TV Program. Since a Direct TV salesman came and offered me a list of local channels they provide, I got interested in subscribe and enjoy their channels.

I love to watch box office movies in a channel. They always presents great movies all day long. I do not have to be worry of missing a movie when I didn't manage to watch it because they will reshowing it once in a day for almost a week.

Direct TVIt is not only movies, but I also love to watch music channel and news channel. Music makes me relax and fresh.

Several local music channels was provided by the direct Sat TV. Video musics, music reviews and even singers and bands biography are available.

News channel is my first must watched channel. Consuming the latest local and international news is my everyday breakfast menu. Gleaning as much information as possible is important for me to keep me updated.

But sometimes, I have to yield and allow my one and only son to gain control of the TV channel as it also provide various channels for babies and kids.

The channels gives very much edutainment programs for them so that I am very pleased that my boy is very fond of it. As long as they provide good and useful programs, I'm not having the fell of lose out in subscribing it.

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Kontes Blogging tahun Baru 2010 said...

im also addicted...

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