Daddy's Little Girl Killed in Apparent DUI

Daddy's little girl killed in apparent dui, more informations for, lattie mcgee crime scene, We wait for the details to let you know the real story about the girl, you'll find all the informations all the photos and videos, When the facts are available.

Daddy's Little Girl Killed in Apparent DUI, sad news has hit CNN and others around the world hard, as a Daddy's worst nightmare has unfolded, as his little girl was killed in what's being called, "an apparent DUI," car accident, which also involved 7 other kids who were off to a pizza party. The father of the girl who died wants to make tougher DUI laws in name of his daughter's memory.
After the story, CNN reported on some harsh statistics, which stated that Female DUI arrests were up 4.8% in 2008, and between 2004 - 2008, they went up 17.7%.

And now, others are trying to raise awareness as well. Commercials, ads, and sadly, this unnamed daddy from an unknown location, will also be attempting to raise awareness in his little girl's name, to prevent others also being tragically killed.

It's so sad to see and hear about things like this happening. To know that maybe, if something went slightly different that day, an accident could've been prevented.

Everyone else who was in that car accident survived that day. Why? Why this single daddy's little girl? Why her? Why was she killed in this apparent DUI wreck?

Survivors of the wreckage were also interviewed. They stated things along the lines of, "Don't let drunk drivers drive. Take the keys! Call for help! But don't let them drive!"

It must've been ridiculously scary for those kids who were in that car. My prayers go out to all those who were involved. Hopefully, some form of punishment will be put out towards the driver obtained the apparent DUI. Still, this will not ease the pain of the daddy, who tragically lost his little girl, when she was killed in this tragic accident.

(By the way, the DUI is apparent because it's currently not confirmed that the individual driving was in fact drinking.)

[[via cnn]]

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