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Waste from our homes is generally collected by our local authorities through regular waste collection, or by special collections for recycling.

The Waste Collection Authority is a local authority charged with the collection of waste from each household in its area on a regular basis. It can also collect, if requested, commercial and industrial wastes from the private sector.

Municipal waste includes all wastes collected by e waste recyclers Collection Authorities , or their agents, such as all household waste, street litter, municipal parks and gardens waste, council office waste and some commercial and industrial waste.

In Australia found a waste management Australia,Established in 1991, the WMAA is Australia's peak association for waste management professionals.

Legally, your authority is required by the Environment Protection Act to collect and dispose of your rubbish or waste recyclers. This requirement has its origins in the need to protect the health of the population. Despite this, each collection authority can make its own decisions as to the method and timing of waste collection.

In addition, householders may make special trips to their CA site, or organize a bulky waste collection in order to dispose of particular items.

This sounds simple enough, but in reality there are numerous ways of collecting rubbish. Most councils pick up residual waste (waste that is not intended for recycling or composting) weekly.

Many offer an additional recycling collection either weekly or fortnightly. The methods used to collect residual waste include containers such as black sacks, wheelie bins or regular bins.

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