Indonesian Blogger Party

Indonesian Blogger Party 2008 will come soon. Lucky that we still have enough time to do some planning together, to present the best for all Indonesia's bloggers.

The theme of the Blogger Party 2008 is Blogging for Society.

The party will be held on 25th October 2008 ( I hope it will be delayed to 28th October 2008 as same as someone has birthday, do you know who's birthday is it? …ha…ha…ha…can you guess it?.....joking:- ) :D

Referring to the comments from the bloggers, the discussion with the committee of Party Blogger 2007, some input and personal approach , Ndoro Kakung shoul available to be a Chairman of Indonesian Blogger Party 2008.

Congratulation to Ndoro Kakung !

Of course he is not able to work alone, he needs the support from all the blogger community in Indonesia to make the Blogger Party 2008 success.

We hope that the local blogger community can contribute their role, not only are invited but involve to the planning and implementation of the Party itself.

In the last year party, we had blogger guest from Singapore but the character of the program/agenda looked nationality, we hope this year party will have the regional or international character with so many bloggers who represent their country/their nation and their blogosphere.

Any input or suggest for Blogger Party 2008 can be sent as comment in the Pesta Blogger 2008

Ok, keep blogging and see you there ! :D

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masenchipz said...

daripada pesta mending kita sumbangkan ke panti asuhan ato panti jompo aja bro... gimana?

Ani said...

Sayangnya nggak pernah bisa ikutan pesta blogger...

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