Do You Know the Fastest Way to Get a High Page Ranking?

There are millions upon millions of websites on the internet. The majority of these site's have poor page rankings. Is your site one of them? Would you like to increase your page ranking? Silly question right? Of course, you want a high page ranking.... we all do. Keep reading and I will let you know a little known secret as to how you can quickly improve your page ranking.

In the early days of the web, search engines would get information about a website from the keywords meta tag. This is no longer true. The reason is that several people began to keyword stuff their meta tags to achieve higher rankings with the search engines. The Search Engines got wise to this and changed the criteria they use when crawling websites. This does not mean you should forego keyword meta tags, it is still good optimization practice to include a keywords meta tag however, this tag alone will not get you a high page ranking.

Before I tell you how you can quickly improve your page rank, I want to touch on Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is very important to the success of your website and to getting good page rankings. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to learn good optimization practices and use them when creating and submitting your website(s). You can learn more about Search Engine Optimization at

OK, so how do you get a high page ranking? Did you know that most search engines put a high level of importance on the links to your webpage? When a high ranking website links to your site it will make the search engine take notice. Does this mean that all you have to do is get a lot of incoming links to your website? NO, absolutely not! In fact if you simply go grabbing incoming links from wherever you can you could end up getting your site banned by search engines. The key is to get quality links from high ranking sites. All of your incoming links should be from site's that have something to offer your visitors. In other words there content should be relevant to yours. After all, if you are searching for information on 'computer hardware' you aren't going to be interested in a link related to 'dog grooming' now are you? Another very important point needs to be made before we continue; NEVER use link farms. This is important and bears repeating.. NEVER, EVER use link farms. The use of link farms could get you banned. You want to stay focused on your site's content... that includes your incoming links.

OK, here is what you have been waiting for, how to improve your page ranking quickly;

First: Go to and download the Google toolbar. Install the toolbar on your web browser.

Second: Do a search using one of your site's most important keywords or phrases.

Third: Visit one of the first few site's displayed in the search results.

Fourth: Note where it says "PageRank" on your toolbar. The green bar represents the page ranking for the site you are visiting and ranges from 0 to 10.

Fifth: By using this toolbar and searching with your important keyword or phrase you can find a site with a high ranking and relevant content.

Sixth: Look for the contact information for the site you are visiting and send a request for a link to your webpage in exchange for a link to theirs.

Every link you get from a high ranking site will improve your ranking with the search engines.

Be aware, since these are high ranked sites, some will refuse your request. Never fear, there is a solution. Go back to your search engine and this time enter "link:" (without the quotes) followed by the name of the site you just approached for a link. You should only need to enter the site name, not the complete url. The resulting display will show you all of the sites that link to the one you approached. You can now go visit one of those sites and ask for a reciprocal link. While this is a 'backdoor' approach to getting the link you were originally has been known to work.

Here is a little side-note with regard to negotiating for reciprocal links. This was learned during my years as owner of two businesses. In any negotiation the other side has one thing on their mind at all times...."What is in this for me?" When negotiating for reciprocal links you should stress the benefits that the agreement will provide to them. Try to make your offer as attractive to the other side as you possibly can.

I admit this involves a little time and effort however, a wise man once said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with an empty tank and a flat tire." The time and effort you spend is well worth the rewards.

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