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Search engine optimization SEO, is very dynamic. What one expert thinks is important may become less important the next day. There are many methods and tactics that are quite baffling. Examination and study of the traits of those sites that are ranked the highest, may enlighten you to strategies and ideas that you may not have realized before. When you build websites, there are 2 things that need to be done. Focus on the On & Off page optimization. With on page optimization, it deals with the layout and configuration of your website with respect to keywords, tags and meta tags, alt text, links, and general text.

Off page optimization is the most important because without correct off page SEO techniques and or lack there of, you would have serious difficulty sending visitors to your site. What off page SEO entails is getting other sites with similar subjects and related content to link to your site. The more quality links that you have pointing to your site, the more popular your site becomes. Search engine algorithms take into account the amount of inbound traffic that you have coming to your site.

These days, the idea of the link exchange has changed. There are folks out there that charge money to give a link to you from a high PR sites. If you feel that purchasing links is essential that’s fine, however I personally prefer to exchange links with similar sites for free. Another way of getting sites to link to you is going to online forums related to the subject matter of the site that your are promoting. Participating in related discussions, informing the public and gaining credibility and respect among the community in your niche goes a long way. Participating in forums if done correctly can effectively establish you as an authority figure in a given niche. When you post in these forums, you set up a signature with a link pointing preferably to a site you are looking to bring inbound links to that relates to the subject matter. Your posts and your links will stay up for a good while and bring you quality, targeted traffic that you would otherwise have to pay for. Another method of off page SEO is posting original articles about subjects related to your niche with a link pointing to your site. The beautiful thing about posting articles is, that people making sites may use your article in their site for content with that same link pointing to your site. This can multiply your efforts without any direct effort on your part other than just posting the article in the first place. If 50 other webmasters come across your article and decide to use it, that is 50 inbound links that you can get.

Now keep in mind that, you have to write excellent CONTENT for your specific site. With a one way link, meaning there will be no reciprocal links. Work this out and submit your articles to around fifty free article directories or websites; this should lead to a good PR in say a couple of months. Articles work big time and in ways that are always not apparent immediately. Article creation can be considered a long term investment of your time into your business.

Generating traffic is probably one of the BIGGEST frustration that most affiliate marketers have to deal with. I often equate it to trying to rotate a large flywheel that weighs a ton with your own muscle and trying to build speed & momentum. Often marketers get lost in the process. But it doesn't have to be difficult, frustrating or confusing - the days of yanking your hair out trying to figure out how to get the RIGHT PEOPLE to come to your website or see your products are over. Brad Callen has developed this wonderful software breakthrough called SEO Elite version 4.0. SEO Elite is a tool used to bring organic Search Engine traffic to your page increasing sales and signups. Essentially It can automate the off page optimization and multiply your efforts many time over. The traffic that this software brings to you is 100% Free, 100% targeted, and runs on Auto Pilot. More targeted visitor gets you more sales.

SEO Elite allows you to find your way to top 10 search engine listings for your site. You can instantly find hundreds of high quality, high page rank websites in your niche. You can search and find supper affiliates that are more than willing to promote products for you. You can have visibility in terms of who is linking to you. You can do backlink searches on the major search engines for backlink status. There is so much to SEO Elite in terms of functionality and automation for the task of SEO that it is well worth considering. For more information about SEO Elite, visit

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