Luxgen7 CEO

Luxgen7 CEO, Luxury Car With Class Of Private Jet Aircraft. Manufacturer of Taiwan exclusive car Luxgen introduce new product Luxgen7 CEO which is specially designed for dynamic executives in Taipei, Saturday (23/10).

Luxgen7 CEO - As the name implies, a prototype multi-purpose vehicle or MPV's Luxgen has luxurious interior design as well as class private jet facility. This can be seen from the window film insulation between the driver with a passenger cabin that can be opened and closed electrically so as to create an exclusive space for the owner. In fact, in order to support communication during the trip, an intercom facility is provided in this car.

You do not need to feel lonely when you are in this car, some features of mini digital cinema and JBL brand speaker are ready to entertain during your trip. Plus Ottoman's massage chair which capable to facilitate blood flow to ensure your comfort.

If interested have it, you need a little patience because the official price of Luxgen7-machine capacity 2.2-liter turbocharger with five-speed automatic transmission has not been issued until early 2011.

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