Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita


Kerja Keras Adalah Energi KitaKerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita. Have you ever felt a deep dissapointment which bring you into a difficult situation ?

You feel weak and unuseful. Everything you did was just not right. Actually there is always energy in our soul.

The problem is that we have no time and have no idea how to explore the energy inside us.

Nothing is possible if we try. Don't you know that Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita ?

Hard work makes us recognize our self potency. People tend to give up when he is given extraordinary problem.

Whereas, there is always hidden potency. The potency is always come up whenever we were in difficult position. Most of them do not realize. A bigger energy to survive and get up from deterioration will occassionally come up in this situation.

Years ago, I've been in this situation. I felt so depressed at that time. I did everything to recover but it ended in nothing. I was stressed and almost give up until I met this old lady. A very old granny came into my house, and she offered me to buy a piece of dish towel worth Rp. 5000,- .

I asked her why she kept on working in her age selling those things, and she replied wisely that she had to keep on living her life without depending herself to someone else. Wow!! Amazing.

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi KitaI was very embarrassed at that time, just couldn't believe that even a granny still have a big energy to keep on living, fight for herself and family.

Then my conscience told me, that I also have 'something' inside, something that will take me out of this situation. Something big inside of me, energy to survive and recover, a never ending hard work.

"Kerja Keras Adalah Energy Kita", yes that's truly right. I've been working hard for years trying to achieve my goal. Goal means nothing if it is not supported with hard work.

Because kerja keras adalah energi kita. Energy that will lead us to do whatever it takes to reach the goal.

Even if the goal is far to reached, at least it mobilizes the energy to keep the hard work in our daily life. Just remember that hard work is a key to happiness. And God loves those who work hard.

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facebook-hot said...

wah wah semangat sob, moga menang yach di kontes SEo kerja keras adalah energi kita

Setiawan Tirta Wijaya said...

Wew. . Artikel ini pake bhs jawa ya. . (*kiddin). . M0ga2 k0pit0zie menang ya. . Ti2p link, blh kan, dr pd l0ading d hape ber x x,, mending naruh di sini. ."_'
Materi Kuliah

noertony said...

smoga dengan kerja keras bisa membawa pada kesuksesan.
Pa kabar sobat udah lama banget ga ketemu, semoga sehat and sukses selalu.
Di tunggu beratmunya di rumahku yang sederhana...

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita said...

mantab bos sundulannya moga sukses dukung punya gw juga bos !!! he

Blogger Nekad said...

sep deh bos,, moga berhasilya :D

ceu pipit said...

yes i do tukang es diaradu.. he..he.. kumaha damang kang, tos lami teu ngeblog..

Belajar Menjadi Blogger™ said...

hehe paingan nu uing naek kepretan kerasna ti palih dieu heuheu, nuhun lur, siap eleh da :))

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