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Taylor Hanson - "Kind of a Girl", the first single from the generation-spanning supergroup Tinted Windows, featuring Taylor Hanson, Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, James Iha and Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos.
The response has been overwhelming. Hundreds and hundreds of positive comments have piled up, most of them coming from hardcore Hanson fans.

So, here's a treat for all of you. Yesterday we spoke with our old buddy Taylor, who told us all about the history of the Tinted Windows, the future of Hanson and the fact that he has FOUR children!

You know we put up the Tinted Windows song a few days ago and the response has been bananas.

That's pretty awesome.

Take us back to the beginning.

Taylor HansonIt's an interesting story. The thing about the band is sort of two fold. Adam and I originally met because we [Hanson] were making our first record in '96 and we were meeting with different people that were either up and coming songwriters or artists. We were writing with a couple different people, and we sat down to write a song [with Adam] and really never ended up completing something that made that album. But we always kept up a friendship. We just kind of always said, I think partly because we didn’t really finish the song, "Oh, yeah, we should do something together."

We kept in touch for years, and nothing particular came of it as far as actually doing collaborations. You're in your different bands, traveling, you're keeping busy, and we would just cross paths and do friend stuff, but hadn’t really made music together. I guess it was about three years ago, we were making our last record and Adam called me and we just started brainstorming, about this idea of a very straightforward project, music that we weren't going to over-think.

This is about the energy of guitar driven, tight pop songs. It sort of in the tradition of great bands like the Knack and the Buzzcocks and for that matter Cheap Trick. For me it was kind of a fun challenge, just because we always knew that the project was going to be something we would do in addition to our own bands. It wasn’t something that we were saying, "We're gonna stop everything and do this." It was a challenge because it's very sort of straight ahead, it doesn’t have many soul influences, which is where my original gut is as far as Hanson. It was actually a really great thing to think about some of these other bands, and this style of music which I definitely love, but it's very different than our original influence as Hanson.

New Tinted Windows Tour Dates

March, 20 2009 06:45 PM - SXSW: Levis/Fader Party: location TBA, Austin, Texas -

March, 20 2009 11:30 PM - SXSW: Billboard Party @ Pangea, Austin, Texas -

March, 21 2009 10:00 PM - SXSW: DirectTV Showcase @ The Bat Bar/Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas -

Open to the Public!
April, 20 2009 08:00 PM - Mercury Lounge , New York, New York -

April, 28 2009 08:00 PM - Troubadour , Los Angeles, California -

April, 30 2009 09:00 PM - Double Door, Chicago, Illinois -

May, 2 2009 08:00 PM - Borgata , Atlantic City, New Jersey -

Opening for No Doubt!
May, 3 2009 08:00 PM - Bamboozle Festival, East Rutherford, New Jersey -

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