Batam Island and Me

I went to Batam few months ago. It was the first time I went there. I only know Batam through the map, newspaper and television before and never think that I can go there. We need one hour and twenty minutes from Soekarno Hatta airport in Jakarta to Hang Nadim airport in Visit Batam.

When I reached there, I feel something different with others town that I ever go. The weather there so hot, but lucky I still can find a lot of plant and forest there. It makes Batam looks green. Day by day in Batam I feel familiar with the weather there.

Batam CenterI stayed with some of my friends from others city in Indonesia. I can say that Batam is like the small Indonesia, because its content a lot of people from so many race, so many religion, and so many island in Indonesia. But it does not make them feel different each other, they feel that they are one as Indonesian.

Understand from my friends that Batam now is really different with Batam ten years ago. Year by year Batam grows. Now Batam has a lot of shopping centers. The location of Batam which is near with Malaysia and Singapore is an advantage. For foreigners especially Singaporean and Malaysian, Batam Island becomes the best place to do shopping.

The things in Batam of course have lower price if we compare with the things in Malaysia and Singapore. Therefore, during the week end a lot of Malaysian and Singaporean go to Batam for shopping.

Not only that, Batam also has one famous bridge, it is Barelang Bridge Batam. During the week end a lot of people like to go there. Some of them just take photos, see the panorama there and fishing . Beside that, Batam has some beautiful beach to visit as well. I and my friends ever went to Melur beach.It was the wonderful memories with my friends, the water there so clear and cold, but we swam.

There are a lot of hotels which have the location in the beach. It is one of the interesting place that tourist like. Stay in Batam make me have difference experience. I will not forget all the memories there. With a lot of interesting place to visit, welcome to Batam and you will enjoy there !

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