All the Files Shared Disini are for Evaluation Purposes ONLY, in No Way Related or Supporting Piracy & are CopyRight to their Respective Record Labels. Do give your Support & purchase the Original Albums.

1. DO NOT distribute the song you have downloaded to others.
2. Download At Your Own Risk, as we’re not responsible for any of your actions.

Before Copy to your removable media you Agree to the following Terms:
1. You are Fully Aware of what you are copying at your Own Risk.
2. You will take Full Responsibility for any Data of any kind that you will copy.
3. We assumes no Responsiblity or Whatsoever for any Violations made by Others.
4. If you do not Agree with the Terms stated above, you are not allowed and have no right to use this service.
5. If you are a member of a Law Enforcement Agency, or an associate of such an agency, you are advised to cease and desist further entry into this domain without a valid bench-warrant for such entry.

Everything you do with the files and information (all data) given/presented to you on computer, is for your own risk and responsability. We do not take any responsability, mainly because this service is free.

Legal Notice
1. You can only legally keep your mp3 copies for 24 hours. After that you must delete them from your hard-disk or any removable media.
2. If you have the CD, then you can have copies of the music from that CD on your hard-disk for your personal use.

So if you download music and you really(!) like it, support the artists who created it and buy the CD. Then you will be legal and supporting the musicians who created this excellent music.

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wafyes said...

mampir sobat :)

Bungzhu Zyraith said...

mlah ga ngerti nih artinya apa...:D

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