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Focus to Traffic Visitor Your website can be shown as the best performance website, content the usefull information, has the good internet marketing or has the very best offer in the world. But, nobody read your website, so what does it mean? It means that your blog is nothing.

Focus to Traffic Visitor, That's why you must, must, and must focus to the traffic of visitor of your website.

It's not important whether the visitor will comment at your post or not. It is like what Jack Febrian's said in his book "Google & yahoo secrets" : no traffic, no sales, no profit.

The difference opinion between the real blogger and the internet marketer which mentioned by some other bloggers do not need to be debated anymore.

It is like a question to ourself " life to eat" or "eat to life" ?

Or it's like this question wich has very difficult answer : " which one is earlier, egg or the chicken"?

The conclusion is whether there is an egg created not from chicken buttock or even there is a chicken created without pass through egg processing. "Kun Fayakun!

If your website / blog has the high traffic ( with some hundred visitors everyday), your attention must focus on how to improve / increase the traffic.

It does not mean that blogwalking, comment to others blogger's post or leave any message in the shout box are not important.

But do the most important thing first or in the different languange is "Sing Utomo yaa ... Utomo" (first thing first). Traffic which is being your target is the king.

Remember the wise man say : Visitor / traffic is the king, but we only can respect to the wise king.

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Pelajaran baru nih, thanks yaaa

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