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Ramalan Gurita Semifinal and Final Piala Dunia 2010

Ramalan Gurita Paul Piala Dunia 2010Ramalan Gurita Piala Dunia 2010 Afrika Selatan, Divination Of Octopus Paul About 2008 Europe Final, German people felt shock after an octopus 'psychic' named Paul chose Spain as the 2010 World Cup Semi-Final winner at Prediksi Jerman vs Spanyol, Thursday dawned later. Do this forecast will be missed like Paul's forecast when the final of 2008 European Cup ?

Although I'm not a psychic or a dowser, I also do not have any access to contact Deddy Cobuzier, but there is nothing wrong if I make a 'prediction ala kopitozie', am I right ? You may believe it, may not.

You can also compare my prediction with Paul Octopus prediction or Deddy Cobuzier prediction. Each person can make a prediction. And according to my prediction, anyone Dutch's opponent in the final 2010 World Cup, the Dutch will be the winner. I am sure, very sure. We'll see the proof.

Ramalan Gurita Paul World Cup 2010 South Africa Ramalan Gurita Semifinal Piala Dunia 2010 and Ramalan Gurita Final Piala Dunia 2010, Paul Octopus suddenly became an international celebrity after he chose accurately all the winners of the World Cup match in which Germany played, including when Germany lost 1-0 from Serbia.

In total there are five games that predicted by Paul - three times the German game in the group stage, once the final game of top 16 Germany, and one-time quarter-final match Germany. All forecasts are accurate and nobody ever misses.

Paul was so famous, two of Germany's national television channels even interrupted their regular programs just to cover the action of Paul predictive directly. Immediate disappointment exclamation thrown across Germany after Paul approached the transparent box in which the Spanish flag is attached, and put his tentacles above the box.

"Not a good sign," wrote the German newspaper, Bild, after Paul dropped a choice Tuesday at his home yesterday, Sea Life in Oberhausen, Germany.

A spokesman for Sea Life in Oberhausen, Tanja Munzig confessed was shocked Paul did not vote Germany. "But not only humans who can make mistakes. Animals also can make mistakes. Let's hope this time Paul was wrong, " Munzig added as quoted by FourFourTwo.

German society which is generally far from the things to be superstitious, lately believe in the power of 'supernatural' owned by Paul.

Octopus is animal which trusted the most intelligent of all invertebrates. But Paul's intelligence this time is enough to make the German people chaotic and misgivings.

German people and then trying to amuse themselves. They expect Paul to do mistakes as he did at Euro 2008. At that time, from five games traversed by Germany in the European League 2008, Paul made one times predictive error.

Strangely, the error was also involved Spain. Paul at that time choosed Germany as the winner of Euro 2008 final. But precisely Spain won 1-0 over Germany.

That was the only Paul's predictive error throughout the tournament Euro 2008. Now German people wish Paul had made one mistake as the same as done in the final of Euro 2008. Previously Paul choosed Germany, but instead Spain have won. So now they expect the opposite to happen.

By choosing Spain, Germany might even be a winnerof World Cup semi-final party. "Maybe Paul tried to give Spain a kind of comfort sense which is false, "said Munzig guessing.

Whatever it is, the predict's action of Paul broke the visitors record at Sea Life. Thousands people have visited the Sea Life to see Paul. The presence of journalists who cover Paul'saction had breaking the record.

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Anonymous said...

bakitu kua gurita

Anonymous said...

Who will win the game between Spain vs Netherlands

cikarangonline.com said...

di percaya takutnya jadi syrik...lihat saja nanti deh.

Anonymous said...

ik houd van nederland!! vooruit! jahaha

Reko Srowako said...

Kekuatan “sweater ajaib” Paulus akhirnya luntur oleh ramalan. Jerman tidak menunjukkan permainan cepat dan eksplosif. Jerman tidak bisa keluar dari tekanan. Gawang Jerman akhirnya tunduk dengan sundulan Carles Puyol di menit ke-73. Tandukan itu pula memutuskan “Matador” untuk final.

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