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Krisdayanti-Raul without Video Mesum ™ Blogger Pesta

Krisdayanti-RaulIn an interview, KD has said that she did not care if only one person who disliked her (Mrs. Atha), because there will still be a thousand people who love her.

But it seems that KD's statement is subject to complaint with the formed of movement anti Krisdayanti which famous as "Say no to Krisdayanti" which until this moment has a membership of 50 thousand facebookers (Group Facebook 'Say No to Krisdayanti' hampir tembus 50 Ribu Anggota Pendukung).

KD-Raul Hot Video ? People say that love is blind. People who are in love usually forgotten about other things. What they remember are only the idol of his/her heart. Like Krisdayanti.

Pop vocalist Krisdayanti (KD), more outspoken of affection with Raul Lemos. Even so, this East Timor employer ensure that he had never committed adultery with his girlfriend.
"When it comes to adultery, what is the evidence ? is there a video ?" Raul said in a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday (21/07/2010).

I think Raul's statement is excessive, he committed adultery or not, of course only he and his girlfriend know, although there was no evidence of a sex video, it does not guarantee that he did not commit adultery (but I don't say that he did).

Meanwhile, KD assess her love relationship with a man who was taking care of his divorce from Silvalay Noor Athalia is still in normal stage. "We are going out, but do not make a hot video," says KD.

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tips dan informasi said...

waduh miris banget liat foto itu. artis kok malah memberi pengaruh buruk terhadap masyarakat. bener2 gak tau malu!

BOI said...

hmmm... gotcha.... i knew what you did last summer....

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