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Video Aura Kasih Ariel Mesum Bokep Download

Video Aura KasihAriel Peterpan Ada Apa Denganmu ? After outstanding three sex videos like Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari. Now circulating hot video similar to Aura Kasih. However not be ascertained whether the man in the video is similar to Ariel.

'Video Aura Kasih-Ariel' similar to Aura Kasih posted by someone on one forum in cyberspace, and then through the social networking twitter, Thursday (10/06/2010).

In a video which posted in the form of capture, the woman looked like Aura Kasih lying on a white mattress and pillows. Allegedly, the video was taken from a room in the hotel.

The person who posted the 'Video Hot Ariel Aura Kasih' in the form of capture is only invites readers to guess the picture who is similar to Aura Kasih.

Allegedly, the video disseminator does not want to spread the video because the police began to conduct an intensive search of the pornographic video spreaders like Ariel.

Last week there were two outstanding sex videos like Ariel and Luna Maya, followed by videos like Ariel and Cut Tari. The outstanding news, the video widespread because Ariel is loss of a laptop which is containing lots of data that is personal.

Reportedly in his laptop, there are '32 hot Ariel videos' belong to him with a number of women, celebrities in this country. Even the gossip has been called several names and initials.

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harry seenthing said...

minta linknya dong gan....ane tunggu yah....xixixixi

Om Canel said...


Poetra anoegrah said...

duh aura kasih juga tuh .......
bener ngak sih .... video2 tersebut ....

rizal said...

wah ada lagi ya..??
berapa banyak sih..??

Anonymous said...

Minta Link Aura VS Ariel gan........

Anonymous said...

mana link nya???????????

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