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Video Ariel Luna Maya is Hotter Than Miyabi

Video Ariel Luna MayaSince video hot "Luna-Ariel" circulating in cyberspace, Friday (06/04/2010) morning, thousands of netters rollicking commentary. Various comments with varied tone, whether satirical, or support, circulated in a number of sites, forums and social networking.

One of sarcastic comment submitted by netter named Fathur at a site. "Wow, Video Bugil Luna Maya is more hot than Miyabi," he wrote. Obviously, that comment directly trigger other comments from fellow netters. Generally, they discuss about the authenticity of the video.

However, not a few of the people who claim that they do not believe that Video Mesum Ariel dan Luna Maya with the duration 2 minutes 37 seconds and 6 minutes 39 seconds is really the star couples of soap ad. "Yes, impossible it's true. They have long thingking too. If such is true, why must be recorded on Video Luna Maya dan Ariel. Only ordinary people who believe it. Too empty," wrote Ardhie.

Similar is also conveyed by netter named Kha. "I do not believe that it was Luna-Ariel. Just like them only I think. Look carefully. Not possible the educated people did like that," she said.

Meanwhile, separately, Luna Maya and Nazriel Irham aka Ariel dispute that the hot video which circulated on the internet that the record of their deeds. Recognition was expressed by the Secretary of the company PT Unilever Sancoyo Antarikso as Lux soap producers who sign them as the latest stars ad couple version. These clarification is the answer after the circulation of the video was questioned by the company.

Sancoyo say, both Luna and Ariel has acknowledged that the video which stir in cyberspace was engineered. "We received a written statement from Luna Maya and Ariel that the video was engineered," Sancoyo said in his message via SMS received by the media in Jakarta, Sunday (06/06/2010).

Sancoyo continue, it also has scheduled to meet directly with the couple to listen their explanations in the near future. In a conversation later, it would determine the fate of Luna and Ariel connection with their employment contracts with Lux. "We will meet with Luna in the near future to listen her explanations directly and together determine the next steps."

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Gosip Artis Terhangat said...

Terlepas dari itu semua, kita hanya bisa berharap semoga video panas Luna Maya dan Ariel bisa di tonton saat ini juga, Silahkan Anda Download Video Bokep Luna Maya dan Ariel Peter Pan Yang ASLI cuma disini...

Penyamun Code said...

Wow.. ganti template ya bang... heheheh...

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