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New Hot Video Ariel Peterporn vs Mpok Nori ?

New Hot Video Ariel PeterpornSince the circulation of pornographic videos like Ariel Peterpan, the virtual world filled with cuteness / funny things. Starting from the caricature of a politician to the head of state made associated with sex video scandal. This is the 'Ariel effects'.

At a forum in cyberspace, some people are busy talking about the sex video that was horrendous. Not just mere talk, people also like the race to make funny pictures related to the video.

One picture looks like a movie poster titled "Ariel Peterporn, Journey to sexland". In the picture there is a photograph of Ariel Peterpan flanked by Luna Maya and Cut Tari.

So was the cover of Andrea Hirata book entitled 'Sang Pemimpi' (The Dreamer), it is changed to 'Sang Penindih' . As we all know that Ariel is an artist who played a role in Laskar Pelangi film which written by Andrea Hirata and Sang Pemimpi is part of it.

Sang PenindihThen currently, there is one of the photos circulated showing a man, which is similar to Ariel are doing a relationship like married couples with an elderly woman. Is this another Ariel New Hot Video ('Video Hot Terbaru Ariel') ? Who is the woman ? Oh noooo...... she is Mpok Nori!

Mpok Nori, you are so poor. So many times becomes a victim of loquacious netter who are 'very creative' to take an opportunity of the situation.

When the news about Miyabi was become hot discussion in the internet at that time, many photos of Miyabi on the internet also replaced by photo of mpok Nori.

He..he..he...hope mpok Nori will not angry if she opened the internet and find all of her photos which were already engineered.

Well, mpok Nori was so special and squarely at the heart of the netters. Mpok Nori, please forgive us since we are annoying you....

source image : Inilah.com, Milis

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Icang-Cara mengetahui pagerank setiap halaman said...

Memang sungguh terlalu.... huffff.. Siapa lagi yang kena..?

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