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Luna Maya Seks Video with Ariel Become Hot Discussion

Video Luna Maya ArielAfter the circulation of hot video who similar to celebrity couples una Maya and Nazril Irham aka Ariel, their names become hot conversation again.

Since Thursday (03/06/2010) night, the news of the circulation of sex videos who are like the two famous stars, began a hot discussion in the friendship sites facebook, twitter and kaskus. Many people curious about the video with the duration of 6 minutes, 39 seconds Luna Maya and Ariel Hot Video.

Not yet ascertained the truth that both are Luna and Ariel, but the news of circulation video which is like film stars, it also invites the curiosity of many parties.

Not surprisingly, many of them began to 'hunt' the video. Since Friday (04/06/2010) morning, the chatter about the circulation of the sex video was become hot conversation, not just networking sites facebook and twitter, but also a number of radio.

In networking site facebook, a number of the account owner even started writing the status related to circulation of the photo menioned.

"Speeachless because of Luna Maya." said one of the account owner to comment on the circulation of sex videos like Luna and Ariel. "In the morning have breakfast a hot video." is the status of the owner of another FB account.

Blackberry massanger forum (BBM) special reporter has even spread among the links (links) to download these hot video. In fact, one of the links was also briefly appeared in FB.

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Hardhi said...

Saya sih belum bisa komentar, karena belum lihat videonya, saya baru lihat2 foto dan itu tidak begitu jelas.

West Java said...

semoga kontroversi ini bisa segera diselesaikan ya.. biar gak terlalu nyita perhatian masyarakat

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