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Koreana Bali Movie Download

Koreana Bali Movie DownloadAfter sensational documentary film about Bali Gigolo, tourist area of Kuta Beach, Bali, commotion again with the release of a nasty video between Indonesian-faced woman with a Caucasian male.

Video is expected to be made in 2003. However, video that have been circulating since last year in Bali starts be a news by a local media since the spread of movie Cowboys in Paradise.

Koreana film is played by a flawless girl. This video is set in Kuta Beach. In the early scenes, this beautiful woman drink beer with a crunchy smile to children beach.

The scene also continues in the lobby room of a hotel on the shores of Kuta Beach. In the video duration of 22 minutes, only shows the female figure. Meanwhile, the Caucasian face did not look in the scene.

In this nasty video, after serving Caucasian man, a beautiful woman who is still topless saying "Welcome to Heaven".

Head of Public Relations of Bali Police Kombes Gde Sugianyar say that the video is a personal documentary made in 2003. Vulgar scenes did not make in the public area but in a hotel room.

"We'll investigate this case. Denpasar Police will take some steps if it finds the criminal element dissemination of pornography product," he said.

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andee said...

hahhaha...news for me.....I like your article and all the great tips that are mentioned on it, it has really helped out. Thanks for share the information.
I hope you can visit my blog and give me suggestion.
Thanks again.

faqila said...

Poor Bali, there are some people hate Bali by doing this, Hope this case will attach down by Indonesian Police.

Anonymous said...

gmn yach caranya download

amunk said...

ayo dunk!!, gmn nech cr downloanya

josh said...

hmm.. i dont know what to say .. tapi sebenernya memang di mana ada pariwisata pasti ada juga yang namanya prostitusi .. cuma mungkin tidak seharusnya di eksplor keluar ..

hmm. menurut kalian?

seminyak villas said...

There is no link where I can download the movie. I am just curious about the movie.

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