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Foto Topless Jenny Cortez

Foto Topless Jenny CortezHot photos of Jenny Cortez suddenly (Foto Topless Jenny Cortez) circulating on the Internet. It was shocking that on the photo, this Air Terjun Pengantin movie star's nipples were clearly visible.

"To be honest I'm really shocked. I did not thought the photos could be circulated on the Internet. Whereas there were no photographer at that time, "sighed Jenny to Pos Kota, yesterday.

She also admitted upset, because she felt tricked by irresponsible people. "I do not know what to do and whom should I prosecute. Whereas previously there was an agreement not to bring cameras into the room"said Jenny growled.

This big breast sexy girl admitted dizzy because her photographs become the consumption of internet users. "Those were s my current photo on raped scene in the movie Pemburu Hantu, I am giddy at this news, how I used to really be a victim," she said.

Earlier this beautiful lady been upset because of the image created in the film Air terjun Pengantin was also circulating in cyberspace. "I wanted my breast to be covered by cellophane tape but unfortunately they're still visible " she explained.

The girl who once rumored to become the third person in Dedy Colbuzier's household dispute herself boost her nude photos on purpose for her own popularity. "Why should i boost my popularity if it will embarrassing myself at the end," she added

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